TDA QTS Numeracy Skills Test 6

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Hi. I’m Adrian Beckett. I’ve been helping trainee teachers pass the TDA QTS Skills Test for the last 4 years. I also run a small agency which finds QTS Skills Test tutors for students in the UK. I’m very proud to say we have a near 100% success rate and we’ve helped 54 students pass. Our goal is to help budding teachers to pass the test and become confident in Maths.


These questions are more challenging than the practice questions in the blog post:  TDA Skills Test Practice Questions.  They are based on the TDA QTS Numeracy Online Test Paper 3.    Remember, though that the real test is not normally as hard as the online practice test so don’t panic (easier said than done, I know).

2. In a year group of 160 pupils, 25% acheived a level 5 in a Key Stage 2 Test. How many pupils acheived a level 5?

3. In a year group of 120 pupils, 30 acheived an A* grade. What percentage achieved an A* grade in GCSE English?

4. A pupil entering a Year 6 class has an actual age of 9 years and 4 months. The report from his previous school states that his reading age is 15 months above his actual age. What is the pupils reading age in years and months?

5. A sixth form group raises 76.50 for a charity. The money will divided between 3 charities. How much will each charity receive?

6. A teacher attends a consortium meeting. The journey is 6.5 miles each way. Travel expenses may be claimed at 30p per mile. How much is the teacher entitled to claim?

7. A primary school has 80 pupils in year 6. 32 pupils acheived three level 5s. What proportion as a decimal acheived three level 5s?

8. A teacher plans a school trip which includes a 147 km journey in France. As an approximation 7 km is 4 miles. How long is the journey in miles?

9. For a practice task a primary teacher needs 25ml of liquid for each pupil. There are 24 pupils in the class. Hwo many ml are needed?

10. A group activity contains two tasks. In the first task 2 members each 3 marks each and the other 3 members 4 marks each. What is the total number of marks acheived by the group?

11. A school is planned for 54 pupils. One adult is needed for each 9 pupils. How many adults are needed?

12. A lesson begins at 8:20. The teacher prepares a 10 min introduction followed by a 15 min video clip and then a 25 min activity. What time does the activity end?

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